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Slot Tournaments

Compete against players from around the world for a share of the prize pool in our exciting new Slots Tournaments!

We have a huge range of tournaments running round the clock including Free Rolls, Guaranteed Prize Pool events and so much more!

To see all the events we have running, check the leaderboards and get in on the action just log in o the download version of our software and press the Tournaments button.

The Tournament Lobby

The first time you enter the Tournament lobby you will be asked to create your alias. This alias is how you will identify yourself in the leader boards. Once you have your alias set up take a moment to browse the tournament lobby. Here you can see the all the events and their current status:

  • Announced: You cannot enter these tournaments yet, but you can check all the details
  • Registering: You can buy-in to these tournaments but they have not started yet
  • Running: You can buy-in and play immediately with these tournaments
  • Completed: These tournaments have finished, you can click on them to check the results

Registering and Entering

The buy-in for the tournaments is shown as two numbers e.g. $4.00 + $0.40. When you buy-in for a tournament the first number is amount that you will contribute to the prize pool and the second number is the amount that goes to the house.

So if 10 people register for a $4.00 + $0.40 event the prize pool will be $40 and the $4 goes to the house.

You can unregister from a tournament and be refunded your entire buy-in at any time provided that you have not started to play.

Playing and Winning

When you buy-in to a tournament you are allocated a bankroll of tournament credits and a time limit to play them. Your time will not start until you start your first spin, and you can start whenever you like as long as the tournament will not finish before your time runs out.

When you start the tournament the objective is to score as many points as possible before either your time runs out or you run out of credits. Winnings combinations on the reels earn you points.

At the end of the tournament the players with the most points share the prize pool.

Add-ons and Rebuys

Add-ons are a great way to improve an existing score. When you buy an add-on you will receive additional tournament credits and time that you can use to add to your existing score.

With a Rebuy you can have another go at getting the best possible starting score. When you rebuy into a tournament you will start spinning again with zero points, but don’t worry, you will always keep your highest score so it can never decrease.


All tournament winnings are cash prizes. They have no wagering requirement, game restrictions or withdrawal restrictions at all. The tournament winnings automatically are paid out when the event finishes.